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Category: Farm that carries out non-assisted food administration, possibility of lunches with typical dishes of Bergamo cuisine, on-site sale (also online) of fine OB breed meats (Bruna Alpina Originale) and Val Taleggio cheeses. Quiet, family-run environment, open every day and accessible all year round.


La Fattoria di Manny, Esterno 

Today we take you to “Alla Fattoria di Manny” a small corner of paradise in the heart of the verdant Val Taleggio, a Bergamo valley that borders on Valsassina, in the province of Lecco.


Their story…

Nature and Silence make it the undisputed masters of these valleys, so much so that Stefano and Silvia, driven by the desire for peace and relaxation, decided to leave the hectic life of Bergamo city to take refuge in this little corner of paradise.

The couple, who had been pondering this courageous project for some time, was pushed by Manny, an extraordinary dog of the Golden Retriever breed, very sweet and very affectionate!

Manny che si rilassa

Manny che fa il bagno al Fiume Enna

In Manny the City was quite narrow, so Silvia and Stefano decided to make a choice that suited all 3 of them!

After touring several valleys, they were fascinated by a small barn with an attached 18th century barn, and, after a great renovation, they managed to transform it into a Small Refuge, accessible to everyone all year round!

This is the story of Stefano, his wife Silvia and the extraordinary Manny!

La Fattoria di Manny, Esterno

La Fattoria di Manny, Esterno Particolare

About them…

“Alla Fattoria di Manny” was born in 2019, from 2021 it has become a farm that carries out non-assisted food administration, i.e. only crockery through and disposable cutlery (Stefano and Silvia use only compostable cutlery in full respect of the environment).

La Fattoria di Manny, la tavola apparecchiata

The foods are prepared on site, using raw materials of the highest quality, produced by them or purchased from local producers in the Bergamo area.

“Alla Fattoria di Manny” raises "OB Meat" (Bruna Alpina Originale) as well as kid and lamb.


The interior is very characteristic, with typical mountain furniture combined with an extraordinary architectural taste.

The environment is characterized by a single main room, where there is a table and a beautiful Moiolica stove.

La Fattoria di Manny, la sala da Pranzo interna

La Fattoria di Manny, la sala da Pranzo interna

La Fattoria di Manny, la sala da Pranzo interna

La Fattoria di Manny, la sala da Pranzo interna

Externally, the Manny’s Farm is based on an old 18th century barn that has been completely renovated, but the original architectural features of which are still preserved.

La Fattoria di Manny, Esterno

La Fattoria di Manny, Esterno

La Fattoria di Manny, Esterno Particolare

Adjacent to the building, a beautiful wooden hut was also installed for the sale of cheeses...

During the Christmas period, it is decorated with a theme, while in summer it can be transported to other strategic points in the Valley for the local sale of products.

La Fattoria di Manny, la Baita in legno esterna

La Fattoria di Manny, la Baita in legno esterna

La Fattoria di Manny, la Baita in legno esterna  

Among the dishes that you can taste at the Farm we find all the typical proposals of the Bergamo cuisine, with particular attention to meats, cheeses and polenta...

La Fattoria di Manny, Antipasto

La Fattoria di Manny, i Formaggi

La Fattoria di Manny, il Pane

La Fattoria di Manny, la Polenta con il Formaggio Strachitunt


How to get there…

“Alla Fattoria di Manny” is open every day, as it is a limited seating facility (only a dining room), reservations must be made in advance.

By car it is easily reachable, once you arrive in Taleggio (BG) you need to continue along Via Carnalete (you will find the signs indicating the Farm); after a first asphalted stretch the road continues for about 1 km unpaved (the track is in any case completely flat and passable by all cars).

In case of difficulty, Stefano will meet you with his off-road vehicle!


The products sale…

At “Fattoria di Manny” you can buy all the meat of the precious Brown Alpine breed, bred in these Bergamo valleys.

Two different meat assortments are available in 10 or 5 kg packs, which can be vacuum-packed and taken comfortably home!

In addition to Beef you can buy Chicken and Lamb.

La Fattoria di Manny, gli agnellini

La Fattoria di Manny, le pecore 

La Fattoria di Manny, i simpatici asinelli

You will also find the renowned Val Taleggio cheeses (not produced directly by them but purchased from local producers) including the famous Taleggio Strachitunt, Taleggio Classico, Stracchino and other cheeses from the Valley (produced by the Sant'Antonio Valtaleggio Cooperative, , but also by the various “Alpeggiatori”, who still follow the ancient traditions of production).

In the summer, they also produce and sell blueberries.

The sale of the products is also available online; by visiting their website, you can buy and receive the chosen products comfortably at home! (


We are waiting for you…

We look forward to spending a special day at the beautiful “Fattoria di Manny” with you, either for a quiet lunch or for the purchase of their products.

To round off the day, we also recommend a walk to the nearby sources of the Enna RIVER, characterized by truly spectacular pools and water jumps! (Stefano also organizes organized outings with some Environmental Hiking Guides).

La Cascate del Fiume Enna

Surely, you will not regret visiting this extraordinary place… Let us know how the experience was!


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